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Become an Author

So you want to become an accomplished author but the problem is this is not just an ordinary writing gig. Besides you may not have extensive writing experience except perhaps for writing basic school essays. How can you hope to publish your own book when you not have done any serious writing in the past? Nonetheless, you have the ambition to join the ranks of writers and you are ready to become an author - right?

Here are some guidelines for someone who wants to develop credibility as an author within the next three months.  First, decide whether you want to write for recognition in your field or simply to publish your personal masterpiece. Whatever your intentions, your book starts with a great story line. Next write down the general idea for every chapter in your soon-to-be book. It is not necessary to be very detailed but make sure to separate the event line into several parts (sub-chapters).

Now it is time to write the rough draft. Don't get fixated on making this draft perfect! The key is not to stop writing while you have the momentum. After the rough draft for your first chapter is done, take time out to read and check what you wrote before moving on to the next chapter. As you progress, look for a friend who can be a critic and provide an objective assessment of each chapter. This person can also assist you in editing. Then, finalize the initial rough copy and have the entire book edited. And finally, look for a publisher to publish your manuscript.