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Writing a book is not as hard as most people think. If you can honestly say "I'm ready to write my book". Here's how to get started. Begin slowly and gradually increase the amount you write each day until you are able to write at least a chapter a day. First make an outline of your book (let's call that the Table Of Contents) and use that as your guide. Next - write a general beginning, body and conclusion to your story. Break down every chapter or part into smaller sections. There is no need to make your book or the writing process difficult. Spend time writing one chapter daily until you are able to complete the entire book. Pick a comfortable spot to do your writing so you are inspired each time you write.

It's very helpful to set self-imposed deadlines and monitor your progress on a regular basis. Get feedback about your writing so you can determine areas of improvement. E-books have become popular nowadays. Hence, learn the art of writing an e-book and the technical details to it - they're much faster and easier to write that formal paperback books.  Your book might not be perfect the first time around but you will definitely reach that stage if you keep editing. After you're done, don't stop at one book. Write more until you reach your peak. This continual writing experience makes you better and better.  Once you learn all these pointers, you won't be saying "I'm ready to write my book" any longer, you'll be saying "I'm ready to write my next book."